About David Hastings Eckerd College Professor

David Hastings Eckerd College Professor is an accomplished marine scientist and former college professor. The effects of global warming on the ocean are the primary focus of his studies. He also studies past climates or paleoclimatology. He recently visited Hong Kong and Xiamen to present his findings as a co-PI on the C-IMAGE project.

There is growing concern that environmental pollution poses a threat to marine ecosystems and animal populations. It's because of this that scientists finally have to take a stance. Hastings found billions of microplastic particles while collecting plankton as part of her routine work. To determine the extent of the issue, he and his colleagues decided to conduct a study. They found that there were four billion microplastic particles in Tampa Bay.

Also on his mind is the impact of ocean acidification, a potentially catastrophic environmental condition that threatens the oceans. Every year, the effects of ocean acidification become more noticeable. He is determined to do what he can to preserve the oceans of the world.


Global Environmental Change Lecture Notes